Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Aging Research
We provide services to academia, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies:
  • Advanced deep learning solutions
  • Custom drug discovery engines
  • Custom biomarkers discovery
  • New tools for aging research

We license 827 drug-disease predictions and biomarkers:

  • 573 antineoplastic agents
  • 114 metabolic regulators
  • 41 CVD disease candidates
  • 38 CNS agents
  • 37 anti-cancer immune response boosters
  • 24 senolytics
  • Aging biomarkers (biochemical and transcriptional)
  • Cancer biomarkers (biochemical and transcriptional)
Our Mission is to Extend Healthy Longevity
Some of Our Current Projects
Videos about Insilico Medicine
About Insilico Medicine
Basel Life Science Week: Practical Applications of Aging Research Forum
Embryonic AI: Analysis of Embryonic State using Deep Neural Networks (Property of Biotime, Inc)
Aging Researcher Insilico Medicine Takes Top Prize at PMWC 2015
Over 150 Academic and Industry Collaborators Worldwide
Insilico Medicine and GSK explore how AI can enhance drug discovery process.
The companies develop AI on Blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry.
University of Copenhagen with Insilico Medicine to develop solutions for preventing early aging.
These are Genetesis, Lunit, Insilico Medicine, SigTuple, and Bay Labs.
Insilico Medicine to use Artificial Intelligence platform to discover new Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis therapies.
Beiersdorf about AI for skin care research.
Jim Mellon, who is famous for identifying major trends, has announced his commitment to support research in human longevity.
Life Extension and Insilico Medicine to launch the first natural geroprotector combination and start a new research collaboration.
Insilico Medicine partners with Gachon University and Gil Medical Center to apply AI to extend healthy human longevity.
A novel approach for precision medicine and drug discovery on gene expression data.
Comparing Aging.AI 1.0 using 41 blood biochemistry biomarkers, Aging.AI 2.0 uses just 33 parameters from the blood test and has slightly higher mean absolute error.
Advances in computational biology and AI used to identify compounds with potential to extend human life.
Recent Deals
Selected Publications
Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD
Qingsong Zhu, PhD
Alex Aliper
President of European Operations
Marine Bozdaganyan, PhD
Head of Medical Chemistry
Ivan Ozerov, PhD
Director, Drug Discovery
Quentin Vanhaelen, PhD
Director, Virtual Human Project
We have 39 scientists hired through hackathons and competitions worldwide in the US, Poland, Belgium, and Russia.
30% of our staff are women.
Scientific Advisory Board
Charles Cantor, PhD
ex-Director of the Human Genome Project and the Center for Advanced Biotechnology at Boston University
Michael Levitt, PhD
2013 Nobel Laureate (Chemistry) Professor, Stanford University
Bud Mishra, PhD
Professor of computer science at Courant Institute, professor of biology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and NYU School of Medicine
Donald Small, MD, PhD
Director of pediatric oncology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Yuri Nikolsky, PhD
Co-founder, GeneGo
ex-VP, Thomson Reuters
Director, Skolkovo Found
Kristen Fortney, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow of Ellison Medical Foundation/American Federation for Aging Research at Stanford University
Alexey Moskalev, PhD
Professor at Syktyvkar State University
Head of the laboratory of Molecular radiobiology and gerontology at the Institute of biology of Komi Science Center of Ural division of RAS
Ulrich Muehlner, PhD
Founder at GrowthCube Partners
Previously Director Global Corporate Strategy at Novartis and with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Upcoming Conferences
Basel Life Science Week
Aging and Drug Discovery Forum
Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development
Chair: Alex Zhavoronkov

Basel, Switzerland
September 11-15, 2017
Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit
Invited Talk
San Francisco, USA
September 18-19, 2017
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